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J&A Group's Social Responsibility

Here at the J&A Group we are committed to embracing and implementing sustainable principles throughout our business, from the way we operate to the products we produce.


of general waste is diverted from landfill and recovered


reduction in water pollution COD levels


reduction in our overall energy consumption

Team Culture

Our team serves as a driving force behind our sustainability goals, encouraging a commitment towards creating a greener future together. Our sustainability manager holds environmental awareness training sessions for our employees alongside regularly updating our environmental notice board to ensure the team is up to speed with everything they can be doing to reduce their impact on the environment. We also hold regular meetings, where we collectively focus on reducing the companies impact on the environment, wherever possible.


We're conscious about the energy we use in our office and warehouse and so we've taken several measures to make a positive impact. Through harnessing the power of solar panels to generate energy and switching all the lighting across our site to energy-efficient LED lights, we've meaningfully curbed power consumption. Alongside this, we have made investments in advanced machinery that not only consumes less energy but also operates with improved efficiency and reliability. We're proud to say that the results of our efforts have been great. Since 2017, we have successfully reduced our overall energy consumption by a notable 12.7%.


We are committed to comprehensive waste management across all aspects of our operations. From efficient bin segregation to the reuse of cardboard boxes and utilisation of advanced nesting software, we continuously seek opportunities to reduce waste across all fronts to ensure that we are minimising our impact on the environment as much as possible. Throughout the year 2022, we gathered and recycled a remarkable 5.21 tonnes of waste, effectively diverting 88.5% from landfills to recovery with our waste packaging rates being consistently positioned well below the reporting requirement threshold of 50 tonnes.


In our efforts to minimise waste generated by our water usage, we have taken steps to greatly decrease our average chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels. We have made good progress, bringing our average COD levels down from 15,000 mg/l to just 800 mg/l. This achievement was made possible by improving the efficiency of our water filter machinery whilst also refining our production processes.

We've also gone above and beyond to make sure our water is as safe as can be. This has been done by taking proactive measures to eliminate any presence of harmful heavy metals and silver from our water. This is particularly important as these substances can have toxic and carcinogenic effects if they find their way into the environment.


We measure our carbon emissions annually in line with our site permit and we're thrilled to share that last year marked a significant milestone for us in terms of reducing carbon emissions. Last year saw the lowest ever emissions from our plant on record. This achievement is a result, conscientious choices in our printing processes and product selection.


We believe in the power of small actions to drive big change, which is why we take recycling seriously as part of our commitment to sustainability. From responsibly managing batteries and recycling light bulbs to ensuring the proper disposal of solvent print wipes, plastic, and tin materials, we are focused on minimising our footprint through recycling.


Each form of packaging uses a lot of resources like energy, water, chemicals, petroleum, minerals, wood and fibres to produce. At J&A International we are very mindful of this and we have reviewed our packaging options to be as Environmentally friendly as possible. This is despite the higher cost of providing such materials.


At the J&A Group we're passionate about our eco-friendly products and are constantly inspiring our customers to take the eco-conscious path by offering a diverse range of high-quality sustainable products across all our divisions. From compostable labels to bamboo ballpens we cover all your business' sustainable needs!

We're also proud to say that many of our products are responsibly sourced and meet globally recognised standards for the environment. When you choose these products, you're not just making a purchase; you're actively contributing to a more sustainable future and playing a part in preserving forests for generations to come!